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The vertical plotter is a kind of printer that is very much appreciated by professionals, since it does not print but draws by means of pens, and exactly in the same way a person would do with his hand; it allows to draw diagrams and sketches of various kind and with the maximum resolution, since it composes texts and images with a continuous line (and not with a dot matrix, as the impact, laser and inkjet printers do).

Today we would like to propose you a low cost version, that has been made inexpensive by the availability of cheap stepper motors and of an open source controller board, that in our case is the same used for our 3Drag 3D printer (even though it was provided with a modified version of the original firmware); the chassis is left to your personal preferences, so you may create it as you see fit: it could be obtained by attaching the two motors to a wood frame even, and by connecting the print head with a toothed belt and by providing the whole with counterweights.

Component Used:

Component Name Quantity
1 Arduino Uno Board



28byj48 stepper motor 2
3 ULN2003 motor driver module



sg90 micro servo motor 1
5 mini breadboard



jumper cables  1 set

chassis with nut & bolt


Schematic Diagram :


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