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Build and Take Home your Quadden.

quadden robot

What is it?

In this Workshop, you will build a Quad Den with 4 degrees of freedom which can be controlled by using IR remote . By building this project, you will practically learn about Arduino programming, working of the servo motors - which acts as actuators and IR communication.

They benefit from increased stability over bipedal robots, especially during movement. At slow speeds, a quadrupedal  robot may move only one leg at a time, ensuring a stable tripod. Four-legged robots also benefit from a lower center of gravity than two-legged systems. This type of robot can walk like animals.

By the application of trigonometry, angles and many mathematical concepts we can make the Quad Den Robot.

How do I build it?

The Quad Den has been designed from the ground up to be easy to assemble. Children can build it themselves and we suspect adults may be able to build it too.


What we promise the students is not just building robots, but something greater – a passion for robotics coupled with the knowledge and confidence to take on the world with their self-made machines.

This Course empowered school student with the ability to visualise and create innovative designs in the field of robotics and science.

  • Confidence to experiment with machine.

  • Creating interest in the field of science & engineering.

  • Simultaneous learning concepts of maths, physics and management.

  • Ability to work in a team & multitasking.

  • Understand how mechanical & electronics system work simultaneously.

  • Use of lateral thinking / think out of the box.

  • Writing program for autonomous machine in professional manner.

  • You can interface different  kind of sensors to make your robot always 1 step ahead.


  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi.
  • Working with Sensors.
  • Web based programming.
  • Powered via micro USB.
  • Wireless System.

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