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Robotics Summer Camp for School Students

Summer camps provide an opportunity for children with similar interests to come together for a week, or longer, to gain a unique experience based upon those interests. Joining robotics summer camp helps school students to learn robotics right from the basics and provides enough time for them to analyze their learning and apply them practically on to working projects.

Through this summer camp at MaverickDen students will increase their interest, knowledge and explore the new things in science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM).

<center>Robotics summer camp</center>

Robotics summer camp activities

Robotics provide an ideal platform for introducing a large number of STEM topics in a fun and engaging way. Through a single learning activity, kids will be introduced to topics related to mathematics, physics, electrical engineer, computer engineering, computer science, mechanical
engineering. These topics can be introduced subtly in engaging ways through a combination of mini-lectures, demonstrations, and build activities.

Bring your kid to our place let him explore and innovate the things.

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