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Quad Den


  • MicroServo Motor(8)
  • Arduino Uno/nano
  • 3mm dia screw with height 5mm
  • Mini Breadboard
  • 3mm dia screw with height 50mm with bolt(4)
  • Acrylic chassis
  • Male to female Jumper wires(35)
  • 3×10 Male pin header
  • 3×10 Strip board
  • Concepts :

    In simple words inverse kinematics, for short ik, is a bunch of trigonometric equations that determine the position of the tip of the leg, the angle of each motor, and other values when given a couple of presets that you need to determine. For example, the length of each step that you want your robot to take and the height at which you want your robots body to be at. Using this pre-determined (data) it will derive how much it should move each servo to be able to manage to perform the given task.

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