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Quad Den – Maverick STEM Robotics

What is it?

Quad Den is a four legged robot. Legged robots are great! They can handle terrain better than their wheeled counterparts and move in varied and animalistic ways. However, this makes legged robots more complicated, and less accessible to many makers.

QuadDens are a type of mobile robot which use mechanical limbs for movement. They are more versatile than wheeled robots and can traverse many different terrains, though these advantages require increased complexity and power consumption. Legged robots often imitate legged animals, such as humans or insects.

Quad Den or four-legged robots exhibit  quadrupedal  motion. They benefit from increased stability over bipedal robots, especially during movement. At slow speeds, a quadrupedal  robot may move only one leg at a time, ensuring a stable tripod. Four-legged robots also benefit from a lower center of gravity than two-legged systems. This type of robot can walk like animals. By the application of trigonometry, angles and many mathematical concepts we can make the QuadDen Robot.

How do we build it?

3.How do we program it?

4.Features & Specification

5.What shall we learn?
6.Components (Name with photos)

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