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In this project we are going to show how does an RGB Led glows. Connection is shown in the following images. Connect the components as per the circuit diagram.


RGB Led has four leads  Red,*Ground,Green and blue. When positive of battery is connected to one lead  of LED and to complete the circuit the other terminal of RGB led is connected to ground, RGB Led starts glowing as soon as closed path is provided. In this case you shall see three colors Red, Green and Blue, depending upon which lead is selected. Current flows in a closed path from higher terminal(+ve) to lower terminal (-ve). Metals are good conductors of electric current. (*Please Note: First connect Ground of battery to  Ground of RGB Led(the lead which has no resister is ground in case of RGB Led)

Step 1 :
Take RGB LED 2 Wires and 1 Battery

Step 2 :

RGB LED will be having 4 Terminals at back. Connect Negative Terminal of Battery with Negatives terminal of RGB

Step 3 :

Connect the positive terminal of Battery with each terminal of RGB one by one You will be able to See different colors with different terminals

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