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Free One Day Training Workshop

Start your Robotics Journey… Avail a free One Day training workshop on Robotics…
Design and assemble hardware that can sense and control the physical world.
This One Day course will encourage you to think how machines think, which will in turn develop your analytical skills.

One Day course may include following projects ( Any 2 / 3 projects)
1. Blinking Of LED
3. Sequence Of LED.
4. Display Name On LCD
5. LED On / Off Using Push Buttons
6.LED Brightness Display On LCD

Dates for workshop : 5th May 2018, Saturday
Venue : 1. Indira Gandhi College of Engineering,
502, 5th floor, Ghansoli, Navi Mumbai
77159 16683
2. D-267 Sector 17 Vashi Plaza,
Vashi Navi Mumbai

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