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Mini Projects for Computer Students

Project 1 : Automated Canteen Ordering System using Android (Website + Application)
Project 2 : Sports Events Management Platform for Colleges ( Website + Application)
Project 3 : RFID Parking System using Android ( Using RFID with Raspberry Pi)
Project 4 : Wifi Shopping Guide (Wifi integration with Node MCU, IOT)
Project 5 : Facial Expression Recognition (Application with Raspberry Pi)

Some More Projects Related to Website + Application Based Projects

  1. Mobile Attendance System
  2. Student Information Chat Bot
  3. Exam Call Automation System
  4. Web Builder
  5. Three Level Password Authentication System
  6. Application For Automatic Time Table Generator
  7. Library Management System
  8. Bar code Image Generator System

Some Projects With Raspberry Pi

  1. Automatic Answer Checker
  2. Voice Controlled Robot


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