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Bluetooth Robotics

Components : 

Arduino Nano or any Arduino
L293D Motor Driver Breakout board
Bread board
HC-05 Bluetooth module
jumper wires or breadboard wires
Android mobile
two 500 rpm motor
two 5v batteries

Explanation :

The key part of this project is the Bluetooth module. Since I use an Arduino UNO, I need a Bluetooth module Arduino compatible. A few months ago, I wrote an article about the Bluetooth modules Arduino compatible with a range of several meters.

Since I have to be in a proximity area to control the robot, a Bluetooth module with a range of 5 meters is enough. I don’t have large rooms in my apartment, so any of these wireless modules can reach this range.

The motor driver is a Keyestudio shield with an L298P H-Bridge. You can use any driver capable of feeding the DC motors.

Most motor drivers use two pins for directions of a DC motor. The Keyestudio motor drive shield uses one pin for the direction of the motor.

If you will use a motor driver with two pins to set the direction of a DC motor, you have to add two more lines in the Arduino sketch.

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