Maverick Den STEM Robotics Pvt. Ltd.
Contact No. : 7715916683 (India)
60123250147 (Malaysia)

Start Your Career with STEM Based Robotics (In 6/12 Weeks Internship) , Launching Innovation Lab in JVM's Mehta Degree College, Airoli, Navi Mumbai.



Robotics can capture a child’s imagination like no other tool. Creating fun in the physical learning process. With Robots, children learn Programming Via Interactive Play, design and moving robots in Various Sequences.


Benefits for Students and Teachers

Opportunities for authentic problem solving
Allows Students to conceptualize Maths & Science.
Clear Thinking and logical building
Confidence to make decision
Ability to work with others as a team
Confidence to keep going despite setbacks
Ability to see students beyond themselves

ModuIe 1 – Kindle Your Innovation

15 Sessions with Mentors
10 Easy to understand Experiments
1 Kits for 3 Students (Kits will be taken back after Workshop)
Programming with or without coding using Scratch depending on age group
Member ship Card will be provided

Course Fees : Rs.1500/- per student

Module 2 – Discover the Young Scientist

20 Sessions with Mentors
25 Easy to understand Experiments
Member ship Card will be provided
Additional 2 Enlight bots
Syllabus will be provided

Course Fees : Rs.2,500/- per student

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