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Banana Pi is a line of low-cost credit card-sized single-board computers produced by the Chinese company Shenzhen SINOVOIP Co. Ltd. The hardware design of the Banana Pi computers was influenced by the Raspberry Pi.

Banana Pi is compatible with Raspberry Pi boards. Banana Pi also can run NetBSD, Android, Ubuntu, Debian, Arch Linux, Raspbian operating systems, though the CPU complies with the requirements of the Debian armhf port. It uses the Allwinner SoC (system on chip) and as such is mostly covered by the linux-sunxi port.

Banana Pi is the open source hardware and software platform which is designed to assist banana-pi.


  • 1 Banana Pi M1
  • 2 Banana Pi M1+
  • 3 Banana Pi M2
  • 4 Banana Pi M2+(Plus)
  • 5 Banana Pi BPI-M2 Zero
  • 6 Banana Pi M2 Ultra
  • 7 Banana Pi M2 Berry
  • 8 Banana Pi M2 Magic
  • 9 Banana Pi M3
  • 10 Banana Pi M64
  • 11 Banana Pi BPI-S64 core
  • 12 Banana Pi BPI-R1
  • 13 Banana Pi BPI-R2
  • 14 Banana Pi BPI-W2
  • 15 Banana Pi-D1
  • 16 Banana Pi G1
  • 17 Banana Pi Pro